Hello everyone, This is Shan.I like to call my self an Internet Programmer who do write codes and deliver them in industry my real education field is Software Engineering but programming is my passion, i love to do code that’s why i am running  Coder Champ community to help the needy in field of actual real world programming.I am in this field since 2014.Web development is my hobby.I am not just clung to this field i have also very expert hands on Search engine Optimization, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Web,  graphic designing  and  Freelancing.Now, you are thinking that what is my real passion? Yes this question makes me strong enough and now my blood pressure is rising.Why did you asked this question? 😀 It’s ok i will answer you .My real passion is to learn something new in field of Information technology.I am not a believer on just learning something, i just believe on, to learn something with implementation in real world.

If you believe that you have learned all, in your field, you are wrong.Because, learning has no corners


Hurrah! The achievements are the major blessings for all of us. Those people are not successful who works just for getting Certificates.Getting certificates is now a days consider as a good habit.So,  everyone has skipped their fields and start getting certificates 😀 .Now, you are shouting at me that what he is saying? The real purpose behind every achievement should be learning.

I have also got many certificates too, but these certificates really pushed me up and now i am here.Honestly saying, that if you work for grades you will get the position but not the success.You are successful if you learn something for knowledge, skills and ability.

Hiding yourself makes you coward & shy, share the world what you are and what you can do, makes you strong in your field