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how to increase your focus

How to increase your focus within 25 minutes?

Focus plays a very critical role in every work of your life. In today’s environment with many distractions, it is tough to focus on a bit of work. There are...

elearning websites

Top 100 eLearning Websites for 2022 (Recommended)

There are many elearning websites out there which have good content but in this article I will recommend only few and the top listed from them who have excellent and...

find yourself

Six Questions to Find Yourself [Choose Better Career]

The first and most important stage for better career selection is to find yourself Who are you, where you should go and what career can make your fortune. The first...


My Private Library – List of Books

Hurrah! I am going to introduce you with the list of books from my personal collection. There are many books written so far, some of them are excellent, great, good,...

the compound effect

The Compound Effect book review

Hi! Do you want to know about the secrets of quick success revealed by Darren Hardy who is the author of this amazing book the compound effect? Well, if you...

Think and Grow Rich Book Review

Think and Grow Rich book review

Hi! I am alerting you before you start to read this article, because you are not only gonna be rich in money but also in the state of mind, health...