Hurrah! I am going to introduce you with the list of books from my personal collection.

There are many books written so far, some of them are excellent, great, good, normal and just a waste of time to read.

So, I always read those books which could be at least helpful for me, for my life and for others.

I only prefer to read motivational, self-help and business type books.

Below is the complete list of books i have at the moment:

Hi! Do you want to know about the secrets of quick success revealed by Darren Hardy who is the author of this amazing book the compound effect? Well, if you are ready to change your life from today, than I can help you by telling some of the major secrets from this book.

The below guideline is full of practical, I will recommend you to implement them into your life to change it forever.

Ok, let’s start to dive in to the major topics.

What is the compound effect?

The small bad or good choices that become the part of your life, like eating fast food on three days a week or go for exercise in the gym that effects time by time on our body.

Bad choices make worst impact, where as good choices make great impact. This is called the compound effect.

Success and failure are the results of small, seemingly unimportant choices we make everyday. -Darren Hardy

The Compound effect & Consistency in action:

Now, here is an example from my own life.

Few months ago, I was getting fat by eating lots of fast food on each day. My mind processing was slowing down, I wasn’t even able to create smaller logic's in my computer programs because of the fat brain. My working routine was disturbed and I was became so lazy.

Than i decided, to take action against my own bad habit of eating fast food. I added following choices in my life that time and seriously they worked.

Fast food
White Sugar
Oily foods

Cardio exercise daily

For at least three months consistently. Do you know what happened? I completely transformed my self from fat to smart.
It is very important if you want results in life, you need to be consistent.

Work Harder: (No excuses)

Many people asked me how I learn so fast. I always have answer for such type of question that also written in the compound effect:

It doesn’t matter how smart you are or are not, you need to make up in hard work what you lack in experience, skill, intelligence, or innate ability. If your competitor is smarter, more talented, or experienced you just need to work three or four times as hard.

Take Responsibility:

You are 100% responsible for all your choices, behavior and habits.

The person who maintain the same action, no improvement happen for long term.
The person who maintain and improve the same action, always be successful.
The person who made not actions, consider him fall from his success path.

Below is the chart that represents, the three stages. And decide what do you actually want to be?
the compound effect


It plays most important role in our success. Tracking is just like managing your life on daily basis, what bad choices you made that is effecting your life and needs to improve them. Just write them on your diary and track them, what needs to be excluded and included from life like your earning, spending, about your health and many others. You will start seeing results in action.

Why everything is possible?

All your hows will be meaningless until your whys are powerful enough.

What if i give you the task that, I will give you 500$ if you jump into the river and bring that floating wood for me. If you can swim you will definitely do that right? But, what about if I assign you to bring my wedding ring from the same river that just slips from my hand and now in river? You will definitely ignore that task. Because, why would you do that to risk your life by searching my ring in whole river for the sake of 500$.

Similar example given below:
If your child is on opposite building and that building is on fire, you will immediately do some action to save him.
the compound effect

So, the lesson is if you own a burning desire to achieve something in your life, you can do it without any questions.

There are many lessons and techniques in the book, I am not spoiling them here. I will recommend you to read this book word by word. Each sentence will have a huge impact in your life.

The Compound effect review: 5/5 and Highly Recommended for those who want to be successful in life.

Looking for another great review of the book think and grow rich? Check here.

Hi! I am alerting you before you start to read this article, because you are not only gonna be rich in money but also in the state of mind, health and confidence. It’s a complete path to train your mind to do what you want in quick and very easy process. Think and Grow Rich the complete money making guide.

In this article, you will learn the concepts in easy words which I learned by reading think and grow rich. The book contains too much content and examples of different situations and personalities. I will only summarize and point out my review on each topic and the statement written in this book. So, that at the end you will have clear idea, what this book is all about and how you can achieve the thinking process that has been explained in every chapter of this book.

Ok, let’s start to dive in to the major topics.

Step 1: Make your burning desire.
think and grow rich
The first step of behind any successful business, life and career is the DESIRE that we think. It’s the starting point of all achievements. In real life, many people DESIRE of something but they don’t prefer to work on it, means to say that they just think but never act. So, that type of people always lose the hope, their life and their vision. So, author said that you should have burning desire to achieve it.

In Think and Grow rich, the author even share the technique to make a desire your burning desire. Author said that if you have desire to earn riches than for the conversion of this desire into it’s monetary equivalent you need to follow these steps:

Example of My Statement:

I want to earn 80,000$ till the date of 28th of December, 2018. I am ready to spend 3 hours daily to achieve my desire. I am ready to start.

In this section, you already learned most major concepts from Think and Grow Rich. The burning Desire and push your sub-conscious mind by repeating the action. Seriously, these steps works. Must try them at least for your simple desires.

Step 2: Faith in your burning desire
think and grow rich
You decided the goal/desire to achieve in above steps. Now, is the time to create the faith within your desire. It’s very important. Because, without having faith in your desire can not make you successful. Bring some emotions in your desire and you will be able to build faith. Faith is, I can do it and I will do because if I can think, so that I can achieve. No one can stop me, only me who can force me. There is no word for failure, because failure gives experience and success gives motivation. That’s it.

Step 3: Specialized Knowledge
think and grow rich
Every field requires specialized knowledge. In order to work, you should have it. For example: In order to face the web development field/A huge market. I trained my self as hard as possible to make myself a Full Stack Developer. You need to work hard in order to achieve your desire and for that you should master ONE thing.

Step 4: Organized Planning

Well, I am skipping some points which I have already adjusted on above steps. The main and most important thing for conversion of your burning desire into it’s real existence is the organized planning. Planning your things helps a lot, you can use sticky notes for each day to plan what you need to do next and tick them out which you already have acquired. Seriously, sticky notes helped me to increase 4x productivity in my work. So, it is very essential to create a proper plan. The author enlighten organized planning as most important step. Once, you will read this part from book you will find many things like “Master Mind Group” stuff.

Step 5: Persistence
think and grow rich
It is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into it’s monetary value. Basically, it’s a POWER of will. Combining this POWER with your burning desire can help you a lot. As you found too many desire words on my article right? That’s because the DESIRE is the key and the main point which you need to think before any sort of action. I liked that statement “Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat”. Do small, but do it daily.

Ok, Guys Think and Grow Rich Book is really awesome. It’s a complete tool towards success from zero to hero. All you need is to implement the rules and techniques used in this book.

Think and Grow Rich Review: 5/5 and Highly Recommended for those who wants to convert their burning desire into physical form.

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My next read will be: The Art of War by SUN TZU.