Earn money by building JavaScript Countdown application

In this guide, you are not only going to learn about JavaScript Countdown application but also how you can earn money by building it.

What is JavaScript countdown?

JavaScript countdown is an application, on which we set the launch date of website on our coming soon page and it runs till the date we set.Commonly, it includes days, hours, minutes and seconds that are running on the screen.

How and where we use it?

The usage of this application is very common. You can use it on your client or your own website.This application can be used in different ways.

Example No 1:
I have a product and I want to sell it on my landing web page, till specific time. So, if the launch date passed, my web page will show that you just missed the deal.

Example No 2:
I want my visitors to subscribe to my developers list and get free ebook guide from my side. And that deal, I only want to be happen for few days. So, I will show the JavaScript countdown application.

Example No 3:
I am running my web application, but suddenly I needed to switch my app to development or maintenance. So, I will switch the JavaScript countdown ON and than the message will display with the counter. That the website is under maintenance we will be right back in specific time.

I Hope, these examples are enough to understand what actually JavaScript countdown is, right?

Add Subscribe form that collects and verify email:

It’s the best way to collect emails for marketing purpose, you set the timer and ask your visitors to enter and verify their email to get notifications or a free product.

You can use any backend web technology for this purpose like PHP and for database you can use MySQL.

How you can earn money by using JavaScript countdown?

Well, actually there are many ways but I am going to show you some of the best ways.

Consider this application as product or Service.

Product Case:
In product case, you can sell it on your own platform or on social media platforms and the other way is to use an external marketplace like themeforest or envato.

You can see below, I searched for the term countdown on themeforest platform which is a huge marketplace to sell your own applications.

javascript countdown

Did you see the sales they got?

Service Case:
In service case, you can start a service on any freelance platform like upwork, fiverr and others. In which, you will need to create JavaScript countdown for your clients project. You can start from fiverr. Just search for ‘coming soon page’ on fiverr. If you don’t know about fiverr, here is a quick guide.

Business Plan for JavaScript Countdown:

javacript countdown

Consider that, if you are a good web designer and code well in html and css also able to create stunning design.

So, no one can stop you to generate sales like someone did above:

3.7k Sales – 3700 x 12$ = 44,400$

It’s a huge passive income, that you can generate by building this application?

All you need is to actually write down the functionality right?

So, don’t worry here is a quick Javascript Countdown course that I created for you, Good News is I am selling this course only in 10$ for my blog visitors, you can grab this deal by using this link.

In this course, you are going to build a complete JavaScript countdown application also as bonus you will learn to build complete email collector in PHP & MYSQL.

Best of luck guys. If you have any query, you can comment below.

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