How to earn money online?

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]There are many methods to earn money online but only few methods are reliable.The methods which are reliable and authentic going to be discuss in this guide

What you will learn ?

  • How to earn money online?
  • Introduction to freelancing
  • Things you need to start work online
  • What is fiverr
  • How fiverr works?
  • How to make effective fiverr profile?
  • Skills that sells good and quickly
  • How to rank your profile and earned levels quickly?
  • How you can get your payments online?
  • How to remove barriers? (Communication)
  • Importance of portfolio
  • What is outsourcing?
  • My experience with fiverr (2015-2017)
  • Summary

How to earn money online?

A question that arises everywhere that how you can earn money online. Don’t worry, this article will completely guide you about it. There are several ways, which most of the people are using to make money online, some are authentic and reliable some are not. Before going in depth, I want to tell you that you can also start from today. All you need is to read and understand the concepts which I am going to share with you. Are you ready?

Introduction to freelancing

First of all, clear your concept about freelancing. Because, many people say that freelancing is just an online work. No. it’s not true. Freelancing is what you do with full freedom without any constraint and stress. It could be offline or online, depend upon your needs and interest. In this article, I am going to write about online work. There are many websites out there from where you can earn money but to do work online you should have some important things to start, read below.

Things you need to start work and earn money online

A Bank account, you must have a bank account for online transactions. Now, if you are thinking that how you can find and create one? Don’t worry. There are several banks which are providing their services to transact your amount from your freelancing platform to your account and then you can transfer that amount into your local bank. The bank which I am going to recommend you is Payoneer, it’s a best international online bank. Right at the moment, not going to explain in depth. I will share my reviews and concepts in another post.

Another thing, you should have are communication skills. Yes, to work and make clients online you should have such skills which represent you uniquely. My personal experience in communication with my clients which makes more sales which I will explain at the last section.

What is fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancing platform, on which you can find your clients and clients could find you easily. Before going in depth, first you have to know about gig. Gig is not a rocket science, it’s just like advertisement of the services which you are providing on fiverr. Now, your advertisement or gig depends upon several components like title, description, images, video, pdf document and prices which you wanted to charge your client. Got the idea right? Click here to see example of Gigs

How fiverr works?

There are two accounts on fiverr (buyer, seller) which one you want it’s depend upon your need. According to our topic, we will go through from seller account. During registration you will be ask a username which should be unique and attractive. Like if you can make your own name as username, for example: your name is john smith and you are providing web services what will be a perfect name for your account? It could be johnsmith01, johnwebguru, etc you can choose your company or your service name too like webdesigner010, fasterwebguru etc depend upon your choice. But my recommendation is, always choose your own name or your service. Don’t choose silly or non-attractive usernames for your account. Note: Username can not be change once created keep that in mind.On the next step, you will have to create your gigs which I have described above.

There are three fiverr levels (Level 1, Level 2, top seller). Levels were introduced for profile reputation.

Requirements for fiverr levels and your achievements:

Level 1 Seller Badge:

fiverr level 1 seller

Level 2 Seller Badge:

fiverr level 2

Top Level Seller Badge:

fiverr top level

Click to see more information: Fiverr Levels

How to make effective fiverr profile?

The Profile requires your attention after creation. Yes, it’s very important to give proper time to keep updated your profile. First thing first, write in ‘about me’ section. Now, you are thinking how to write about me section? Don’t worry just use the search bar and search about your own service like if providing web design service use ‘web design’ in search bar and fiverr will show you some of the gigs which will relevant to your search now just open the profile of the level 2 seller and or top rated seller and check everyone ‘about me description’ you will get the idea to write about you. Now, you have your profile description? Right. Same like you added your profile description, you can go do the same for other factors including creating a gig (check gig images, description, tags which are very important) it is said by fiverr that adding a video always increase your sales. Yes, it’s hell true.

Skills that sells good and quickly

There are many skills which you can use to earn money online from fiverr like designing, development, video animation, voice over etc I will recommend you choose one field and make it your profession on fiverr.

How to rank your profile and earned levels quickly?

There are many strategies that could be useful to rank any profile quickly but as you know everything on internet needs to be updated so fiverr also update their profile ranking factors after every year. So, I am going to tell you some of the common factors which applied on each year.

First of all, complete your profile as a professional I have told you the method above if you didn’t make yet, check that before going forward. Next step is to give time in creation of gig, it’s very important because if client search for a specific keyword like ‘fix php’ and your gig doesn’t follow that keyword in your gig description, title, images(title) and in tags portion then your gig will never rank in fiverr search engine. Display of your gig should be attractive, which means your image and video should be clear to those who are looking for services. For example check following image: Attractive Yes?

earn money online

Now, check the following results

earn money online a complete guide

Pro Gold Tips: Don’t copy others stuff make your own. You should be online at least for 15 hours (Client always contact those who are online). Install fiverr app in your cell phone to maintain your response time.

Ranking your profile to level 1 is very easy, first step I told is to create a professional gig so make it now. To rank your gig, it’s very important that your gig should be well optimized and attractive. When you start getting orders ask your clients for multiple deliveries. Like if he is ordering 10$ then ask him that ‘Sir, can I make two custom offers of 5 and 5 dollars. So, it will help me to provide more services on fiverr and rank my profile, it will be really great help from you for me’. Another example, divide your service into two phases like design phase and development phase, ask your client for multiple deliveries. He will must say ‘Yes, Sure’. Now, by that way you can reach to level 1&2 seller easily in months or two months. That’s it.

Importance of Portfolio

An authentic proof which represents your work and progress in specific field is called portfolio. Portfolio is very important to work online, not even online your portfolio will be asked by companies too, in which you are applying. You can build your portfolio online by using different free tools. What If you don’t have any client work or previous experience with any company? So, make some demo projects display your demo projects on your portfolio. By doing this, the person who will ask your previous work could be satisfied if you’ll show your portfolio…..Next Update coming soon..

Note: How to earn money online is not completed yet, It’s a very long article .To get article updates in your inbox, get subscribe to this blog and keep visiting.

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