How to Get namecheap Free Domain with SSL for 1 Year?

Free Domain

Before going in depth about getting a free domain, i want to tell you that what are the benefits which you will get after reading this article.

What you will learn ?

  • How you will be able to get free domain ? Requirements
  • How to claim your free domain and SSL for 1 Year on name cheap?
  • What is GitHub Education Student Pack and amazing benefits?
  • How to create GitHub account and apply for membership?
  • Some very Important notes

The actual Worth which you are getting by reading this article is more than 5000$ for free.Yes, It’s amazing right?All you need is to follow this article until end.

Requirements & GitHub Education Pack
First of all, go to and create your account.Don’t worry about GitHub, i will explain about it in another article.Once you have GitHub account click here and you will see all the premium tools listed there and in the same list you will found .me domain and ssl. Now, all you need is to link your GitHub account with education pack by GitHub.To apply as a student you should have student Identity card or .edu domain email account. Just take a picture of your Student Identity card and send them in three or four days they will send you the message of activation of your account and after that you will have access to all the premium packages which are listed on GitHub education pack. If you didn’t get, that how to create account and upload. Don’t worry just follow below video:

Create GitHub account & Apply for membership

Step after activation & Important notes:
After activation, select namecheap .me domain from the list and it will redirect you to namecheap official website from where you will be able to register your free .me domain.After registration, you can do the same for SSL if needed.In above video i used temporary email address to register github account.You don’t need to register with temporary email, it’s important to use permanent email for future email account verification and password resetting.

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