How to increase your focus within 25 minutes?

Focus plays a very critical role in every work of your life. In today’s environment with many distractions, it is tough to focus on a bit of work.

There are tons of books, tutorials, articles, or blogs written on How to increase focus. You can easily read them, but how to make a habit of growing focus to the maximum level with practical, easy steps?

The approach I am about to share with you will change your life if you start implementing it daily.

Let’s do it.

Identify and List down:

I want you to identify the top 3 priority tasks you need to perform for the next day by asking these questions:

Now, list them on sticky notes or any paper which you can carry or paste somewhere.

After listing down, filter down those three tasks by assigning them a priority. There should always be a ‘MUST DO’ job on your list, which you will have to do first thing tomorrow.

Now, for the assignment of time for every task, ask a question like:
How much time will I take for this specific task?

Let’s say.

Example: Task # 1 can take up to 1 hour.

Assign two cycles of 25 minutes of complete focus with 5 minutes of break after every cycle. Once the first 25 minutes complete, take a break of 5 minutes, and when the second complete, take the other remaining break. After that, move to the next work. Before moving to the next task, take a long break of 15 minutes.

Turn off distraction:

Before starting to work, make sure you turn off anything around you that can distract you. The things could be your phone (activate airplane mode), your internet connection (if not in use, disconnect), and your working table should be clear.

Pomodoro Technique:

A technique that I discussed above, with task # 1 example. Pomodoro technique can help you out to increase focus within committed cycles.

Estimated cycles are called pomodoros. 1 Pomodoro is equal to 25 minutes.

Final Practical tool: (How to increase your focus?)

There are a lot of applications available regarding the Pomodoro technique on android, IOS, desktop. The one I like the most is Pomofocus.

How to increase your focus with pomo focus
pomo focus list

I hope you like this approach. It worked for me. Hopefully will work for you too—best of luck.

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