Top 100 eLearning Websites for 2018 (Recommended)

There are many elearning websites out there which have good content but in this article I will recommend only few and the top listed from them who have excellent and reliable content.

I am also going to show you how to get free coupons, cheap pricing on these websites. So, Be Ready!

What you will get?

  • Top 100 best and recommended eLearning websites. (High Quality Only)
  • How to get 100% off or 10$ less price coupon codes? Method.
  • Summary

First of all, let me explain why you should learn from online courses. There are many institutes in local who provides you different courses with limited content. You can learn and achieve certificates from them but to become professional you have to learn by yourself from different eLearning websites.

What is my experience about eLearning websites?

Well, that’s a good question because I am a full stack developer how I got that level in industry? It’s because of my efforts in learning I had a concept in mind first learn than earn. So, learning is most important thing before starting a professional life. Now, the resources I used are many, but I am listing down some of the good eLearning websites that could be helpful for you to learn your field in depth.

It doesn’t matter what you learn, it will all depend upon you interest in the field. Always keep in mind, learn those things in which you have deep interest because if you like the field you’ll work hard for it.

So, here comes some excellent websites that could help you learn and earn in your fields:

Before start, i have a small request

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Udemy elearning websites

Udemy, is one of the popular e-learning resource having almost 60 thousand courses in different fields they have paid or free both category courses you can enroll and earned certificate. Well, here is the tip don’t learn for certificates always learn to enhance your skills and abilities.

Udemy have different categories of course regarding development, designing, self-esteeming, motivational and many more.

My Experience:
I have completed many courses from Udemy platform most of them were related to web development field. The good thing about udemy is that you have lifetime access to any course once you purchased.

How to get Udemy paid courses Free or in reliable price?
There are many websites out there who display 100% off or 10$ coupon codes for many of the courses generated by Instructors on udemy. Coming soon…..

How to take best courses on Udemy?
Finding a good course on udemy is not much difficult, I also purchased too many courses from Udemy by paying 10$ for each course. What I do when purchasing course from udemy is to check the course reviews if it is more than 4.6+ out of 5 rating and having in huge quantity like 300+, check the curriculum or the content of course if that best suits my need I purchased that course. Udemy also shows best selling courses but most of them are not so good, so you have to filter out the best course for yourself. Content is most important thing don’t go for the duration of the course.

What many people think that if the duration of the course is high then the course will be in more descriptive form that’s not the thing you have to clearly check the course before making any purchase. That’s it. Now, I think i have to move to the next website you can go through from


youtube e-learning website

The king of short and long tutorials, many people use YouTube just to watch movies, songs and serials they even don’t know that there is a huge platform to learn something new or relevant to the field in which they are. Yes, there are many channels on YouTube having great content about learning material Now, the thing is how many channels are good for your field. Well, in that case you have to search by yourself on YouTube.

According to my field which is full stack web application development so I mostly use and subscribe to those channels which are relevant to development. It’s Free so you don’t have to pay any penny to watch tutorials, the good thing is many YouTube channels have playlists in form of course. Now, it’s enough for a moment you can go ahead and check by yourself.
Search keyword like: your field/topic tutorials e.g. web development tutorials.


eduonix e-learning website
Eduonix is one of my most favorite eLearning website after udemy, the reason? Because they have most of the courses are project based. They have also paid and free courses, you can also grab 10$ coupon code by searching on google like ‘eduonix 10$ coupon code’. The eduonix also offers certificate on the complete of course. As i said don’t go just to earn some certificates.

One more thing to mention here the eduonix is not so popular but their courses are very enrich in quality and also on udemy. So, you can take their courses on udemy too.

4. Lynda

lynda e-learning website

Lynda is one of the oldest when it comes to all e-learning websites out there they have membership plans you can grab monthly or yearly access to all of their courses and libraries at once they also have too many categories of courses like in development, designing, ethical, project management and many more you can check their content by visiting their official website. Currently, at the time of writing they have two packages one is basic which could cost you around 19.99$ per month and the other one is premium that could cost you around 29.99$ per month you can grab any one of them as yearly subscriptions. I will recommend you to try it first then go for it

Lynda is also providing 30 day free trial, so don’t worry of anything you can check their content by using this offer. Now, surf Lynda by yourself. Time to move to the next website.

5. Team Tree House

treehouse e-learning website

Team Tree House stood 5th on my list of elearning websites, it’s a good website having unique content. They have also subscription plans, you can get a 7-day free trial from them. They have a headline ‘Learn web design, coding and much more’ Their main focus is in development. They have huge libraries and courses over development. One good thing is they also do have separate forum for discussion in different categories. So, you can take help from different students easily.

I will recommend you this website if you want some cool stuff. They have unique method to teach their students by visualizing graphic content. At the moment you can avail basic plan in 25$/per month and premium package in 49$/per month. It’s better to visit their website and check their subscription plans by yourself. Let’s move to the next best website to learn stuff online.

6. Pluralsight

elearning websites

If you want to become a developer and looking for the best ever courses on internet then, I will recommend you to go for Pluralsight. They have a lot of courses regarding development and designing. Mainly focus of their team towards development. One more thing to mention here is, they have premium packages 300$ Per year. But, once you’ll grab it for one year and set goals to achieve new skills in development then. These 300$ are nothing, because after learning you will be earn more than 3000$-7000$ per month that’s interesting right? Well, it actually depends upon your hard work and learning speed. If you’ll learn fast and consistently then this could happen within next few months after getting subscription plan from them. One last thing, you could email them and ask for 50% off on their yearly plan. So, what are you waiting for set your targets and start learning with earning.

7. CodeSchool

elearning websites
The code school is very much popular. If you want to learn the development in unique and with short step by step procedure, then this website is made for you. Well, actually they have also demo videos so it’s better that you should go ahead and check them out by yourself. So, that you will be able to get the idea what I actually mean uniqueness. Updated: Great news, plural sight has purchased code school. So, now you will be able to watch the code school courses on plural sight.

8. Udacity

udacity elearning websites
When we talk about some quality elearning websites on the internet, the first website that comes in after teamtreehouse is Udacity. Well, the actual concept of this website is that many big giant companies collaborate with each other like google, github, AT&T and many more joined them and teach students from all over the world.There are free and paid courses which you can join and get certificate as well which is signed by companies, but the cost for certificate after completion is extra, so keep that in mind. Now, on this website you will many technology related courses like web development and designing, android development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, robotics marketing and many more. It’s quite useful website to learn updated and high quality knowledge.

9. Digital Garage by Google

digital garage elearning websites
It’s a project by google, based on teaching digital marketing concepts to students who have desire to learn Search engine optimization, latest google technology with algorithms, make online business popular and many more. This is a single course contain lots of high quality information with text and video formats. After completion of this course you will also get google certification of digital marketing which is highly valuable. My advise, you should consider learning first over certifications.

10. FreeCodeCamp

This is one of the most trending website in my list of elearning websites. Well, actually you will definitely love it. They offer free , yes totally free knowledge. This website is only for developers, the students who have desire to learn development in depth with good practices i will recommend you this website. They offers around 2840 hours of content with free four type of certifications front end, backend, data visualization and full stack development. Many of the FreeCodeCamp members around 9000 gotten their first developer jobs. More than 11,0000 experienced developers have gotten even better jobs.Highly Recommended.

11. Quora

quora elearning websites
Actually, this is the website from where you will get experience. On Quora, you will find many experienced people who shares their views upon question of newbies.From their answers you could get idea about different questions and situations. There are many niches on which question arises and then in return experience people answers. This website is free to use no charges at all. It’s really help you to gain more authentic knowledge. I’ll recommend you this website to use on daily basis. Their slogan is ‘A Place to share the knowledge and better understand the world’. You’ll find every type of knowledge like related to IT, medical, development, studies, learning etc. Now, if you are a developer than i have a website for you. Check below.

12. Stack Overflow

stack overflow elearning website
A platform where developers learn, share and build careers. This is a forum based elearning website where you’ll find your development related answers of your questions. It’s one of the top developer forum where most top developers share their experience and coding standards. It’s also really popular too, once you start to code you’ll also face issues or errors. So, this website could help you to resolve your errors in minutes. It’s free to use no one will ask you to pay for answers. And the good thing is, that it’s specific made for developers. I love it.

13. Medium

elearning websites
Do you like to read articles, that are huge in content having premium like content means to get a lot of information from few minutes of read? If Yes then you will love to visit this website on daily basis. It’s free no need to pay anything for articles. You can join different categories here like, developers, creativity, entrepreneurship, productivity, design, technology and many more.
On daily basis consuming something related to your own field is good. This is one of the best which i like most, from my elearning websites list. Go ahead an check medium.

14. Backlinko

elearning websites
Backlinko is a website having huge and quality content about search engine optimization. If you are interested to learn SEO in depth with including strategies performed by search engine expert Brian Dian, then this website is made for you. You will learn latest expertise in digital marketing from this website. The website is full with updates, you’ll find great content here. The main focus of this website is to teach you how to create quality backlinks for your own website. It’s free no cost at all.Go ahead and check Backlinko.

15. Microsoft Virtual Academy

elearning websites
Many people have desire to have certification signed by google. Well, actually you can get it and do you know it’s totally free? All you need is to create free account on Microsoft and go for MS Virtual academy learn some stuff. They have development stuff, like you will be able to learn web development, Azure, JavaScript, C# and many more. This website stood on good rank on my elearning websites. They have highly professional teachers. Go ahead and check it.

16. Feedly

elearning websites
What if i tell you that there is a website that post links of different articles on different niches or category from top of the blogs on internet in one place. Yeah, feedly is one of the best website from which thousands of tech gurus became popular. Many of you wonder how a person like technincal guruji, and other tech guiders became popular and how they got that much information on daily basis, it’s feedly that guides them. Do you want to be up to date with the latest trends new upcoming things and what’s going on in your field etc? Then this is one of the top website which i recommend from my elearning websites. Go ahead and check it.

17. GitHub

elearning websites
Do you know there is a platform which contains open source code and documentation from different developers or companies? It’s all about github which i am going to explain.You can consider GitHub a developer platform on which a developer save and maintain coded projects with proper documentation. Well, now you are thinking why i included this type of website on my elearning websites list.Actually, a beginner developer can learn a lot from this website. You can read and learn the well written documents of the application with code.Many companies also post jobs for remote and physical on this portal for developers. Go ahead and check GitHub at once, you will definitely love it.

18. Cybrary

elearning websites
If you want to become a professional hacker and networking expert than this website was created for you. They are providing free services and teaching students from many years.They provides free certification after completion of courses on their website.They have badges system, it means you’ll need to earn badges by completing the course. This website is hidden Gem, many people don’t know about it. Go ahead and check.

19. Laracasts

elearning websites
Laravel is one of the top ranked PHP framework having thousands of high paying jobs in industry. If you have desire to become a full time laravel expert, then this website is for you. Jeffery Way is the one, who is teaching on it from long time. It’s a membership website, this means you will need to purchase membership for monthly or yearly based. The good thing is, the fee is too low only 99$ for year. Ignore, the fee if you learn what he is teaching than your pay could be more than 78500$ per year. Yes, it’s true. You can request 50% off coupon code from Jeffery by sending him the message from his website.

20. TED

elearning websites
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. This is one of my most favorite website. TED contains video sessions from the industry experts based on their experience. You can say, it is a website on which you could find the ideas from the worthy people. I personally learned a lot in sense of idea, knowledge about technology and new upcoming trends. My way of speaking also improved, by listening to experts. All you need is to visit it, so that you’ll get the idea what i am talking about.


elearning websites
If you are looking for a resource to learn PHP, AJAX, JQUERY, MYSQL, CodeIgniter and Laravel by building smaller as well as bigger commercial based projects, than this is one of the best website from my elearning websites. The website is all completely based on a youtube channel, they made tutorials and series on topics i told you above. It’s a good source to learn in depth, because by building some projects we learn how to manage projects as well as it increases our logic creation process. So, go ahead and check.

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