Journey of Course – CSS3 | SASS | FLEXBOX | GRID | ANIMATIONS

I always said that, learning doesn’t have corners. After 4+ years of experience in web design and development i am still upgrading my self using different learning resources. I decided to share my experience in web designing course which i used. What you are going to learn in this course?

  • Introduction
  • Concepts you will learn in this web designing course?
  • What i gain from this course?
  • What you can do after watching this course?
  • Best Inspiration websites to get idea
  • Course length & cost and how you can get it as low as only 10$

In this article, you’ll find my journey of learning advance CSS3 & SASS with web designing course from udemy. I used many resources to learn them, but I will show you the best version from where you can get a lot in easier and quicker way.

The Udemy is an elearning platform on which many top experts from different industry teach students from all over the world. You can purchase any course on it in only 10$.

I purchased course named as Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! in only 10$, my spending on this course is the best ever investment on my learning material regarding web design. In this whole article, you’ll fine me to explore this course in depth what I learnt, what I am doing after watching this course, what you can do and many more. So, keep reading.


As title ‘Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!’ , could give you an idea what this course will all about. The course instructor is not a normal instructor, his name is Jonas Schmedtmann. Every course he uploaded always ranked as best seller on Udemy. You could see his profile by visiting this link. Well, when I was a beginner in web designing I watched his course which was all about creating a real world website from html and css.

Jonas has pretty much in depth knowledge of web designing. The good thing which I like most, his commitment with the work he do. You’ll find his all course attractive and useful.

What you will learn in this web designing course?

If you are a css beginner, than this course is for you. You will see some of the best practices to write html in BEM(Block Eelement Modifier) along with that the most precious tool that you will learn in this course is SASS which is highly useful while writing CSS code.
CSS3 has too many new features which I also didn’t have any idea of their exisitence that I learned from this course. Jonas courses are full of real world projecst, in this course you will also complete three different advance projects that are really cool. You can watch promo videos from this link. This course is purely based on custom CSS which means you will not find frameworks or third party libraries in this course which is a really great thing which I liked most.

What I gain from Jonas Course?

I gained in depth knowledge of Advance CSS3 with Sass. I learned that Sass is not a rocket science it’s just a tool that generates CSS code after compiling Sass. I learned how to design modern websites with Flexbox, Grid with animation effects. The best thing was to learn how CSS works behind the scenes. Create your own custom grid system was a good thing for me as I love custom development. I built three complete highly effective websites by using this course.
The good thing is, after watching this course I am fully confident in CSS3 & SASS now.

What you can do now after watching this course?

I think the course itself just covered a lot, practice them twice and start your freelance career by making your client websites earn some money. But, first I will recommend you to make your own portfolio make some cool web designs and show them on portfolio. I have pretty good list of websites from where you can get inspiration of web design.

Best Inspiration websites to get idea:

You can’t be good designer if you will not get idea from your experts, the websites which I found very helpful for inspiration of web design are given below: ‘Don’t just copy, come up with your own idea’.

For inspiration use:

Course Price & Length:

Course price is only 10$ from this link, course currently is 28 hours long. What are you waiting for go a head an grab it.

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