Custom WordPress theme Development (A Complete Tutorial)

Before going in depth about WordPress theme development i want to tell you that what benefits you will get after reading this article.

What you will Learn ?

  • What is WordPress?
  • Concept of themes and Plugins in WordPress
  • Internal and External WordPress markets.
  • Installation and Setup (Create your First Website)
  • Scope of WordPress Theme Development in IT industry
  • A complete Guide to create your own custom WordPress theme

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Step 1.Do you know what is WordPress?
An open source CMS(Content Management System), it’s just like a tool which is widely used to manage the content like posts, images, sliders, eCommerce products and many more.To use this tool, we need to install it on our web hosting server.After installation there are many options available in it.In WordPress as a non-developer we don’t need to code our websites.Because, there are thousands of pre made WordPress themes are available in themes sections which we can install and use instantly.Like pre made noodles we eat without making it from scratch. I like noodles do you? 😀 .

Step 2.Concept of themes and Plugins:
As I mentioned above we need to install our desired WordPress theme on it’s CMS to live our website.Now, what is theme? A WordPress theme is just like a website or blog which could be specifically run on WordPress by installation. Yes, it’s easy right?. Let’s talk about plugins. A small pieces of applications that could be useful in your theme like adding subscription form on sidebar, or some sort of calender’s, visitors location and many more. We need to install it too to use in selected theme. There are a lot of free and paid plugins available in WordPress market. A market is a place from where you can download or install themes and plugins. Now, there are two types of market places for WordPress which i am going to discuss with you in next step.

Step 3.Internal and External WordPress market:
In simple words, the themes and plugins which are available in WordPress dashboard or on WordPress official website is called internal WordPress market and the themes and plugins which are available outside is called external market.Like theme forest is a super WordPress market out there, and there are tons of paid and free WordPress content are available which you can download and install on your WordPress dashboard.

Step 4. Installation and Setup (Create your First WordPress Website):
Now, i am not going to write about the whole setup and installation of WordPress.Because, there are already tons of content and video tutorials out there. I have added some of the free, reliable and easy to understand tutorials in the text file below, you can download and watch.

Download Free WordPress Tutorials

Developer Guide:
Step 5. Why WordPress development is a plus point for developers?
I am considering wordpress development as plus point for developers, the reason is that wordpress has covered a huge market in web development industry. Now, there are plenty of jobs out there for wordpress developers. Those who can develop custom themes and plugins will be able to get passive income by selling their made theme in the markets like themeforest & envato or they can create their own market place to sell their themes and plugins. In-fact, wordpress developer can earn a lot of money by freelancing on fiverr as wordpress theme customizer, developer and fixer.


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